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The SpeccyBob Hardware Page


UPDATE: I've updated the circuit diagrams to version 1.3. There are only minor changes:

Edge Connector added to CPU board.
Tidied up the diagrams ready for PCB work
Corrected an error on the Interupt generation of the CPU board
Added a download for the PCB Layout (Untested at the moment).


SpeccyBob is a computer that you can build yourself from readily available parts. It is compatible with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum of the 1980's. There are two versions of SpeccyBob:

SpeccBob while maintaining compatibility with the original Spectrum adds and improves to the design. Features include selection video modes, IDE interface, upto 4Mb RAM etc.

SpeccyBob Lite is basically just a clone of the Sinclair Spectrum. Currently, this is the version that I am working on before adding the extra features of SpeccyBob. Alas, I had virtually completed the design until the great disk crash of 2001 came along. so here goes again from the beginning.


SpeccyBob Lite

SpeccyBob is Designed around 3 separate circuit boards, the timing and clock generation board, the video output board, and the CPU/IO board. As I complete and test each board, the schematics will be placed here.

Clock/Timing Circuit (Description)

Video Output Circuit (Description)

CPU/IO Circuit (Description)

Download the PCB Layout/Circuit Diagrams here.

Check out some pictures of the prototype


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