Docker Plex

Fix poor quality video in Plex under docker

I’ve recently moved servers and instead of managing my own Plex install, I decided to go with the a docker install.  It took seconds to sort out and I was very happy with it.  That was until I enabled remote access.  Suddenly, all my videos looks started looking terrible quality.

This has been resolved by going to Dashboard -> Settings -> Network and under “Lan Networks” adding the values “,,″ (without the quotes).

You will need to work out your own values.

To work out the subnet for the plex container:

    $ docker network inspect plex_default|grep Subnet
                     "Subnet": "",

To work out the subnet for your local network (in the majority of cases),

     $ hostname -I | awk '{print $1}'

So, this needs to be :


Unable to log into Plex Web View

So, I was tinkering with the Plex Media Server settings and then suddenly I got this error in Chrome from my desktop.

“Plex didn’t send any data”


Visiting my server from worked – really weird.

So, going back over what changes I had made, I found the culprit.

Under the Plex Settings > Settings > Network menu option, I had modified the IP6 “Secure Connections” from “Preferred” to “Required”.  I changed this back to Preferred and that immediately fixed my issue and the web view was working again.