Huawei HG523a forgotten password

Okay, I’m a numpty – I forgot the admin password for my router.  The (security driven) delay before you can try again is hampering me from trying the many I might have used – especially as it doesn’t tell you if it was wrong or it is still timed out!

Luckily, on one of my computers, I have a cookie saved that fills my username and password in for me, so I can still log in.  Okay, so I must be able to recover my password from this… right?  I really don’t want to have to factory reset the thing.  Challenge… wait for it… accepted.

  • Enter the menu system (with your saved credentials).
  • Click Advanced and click Okay to proceed.
  • Click Maintenance, click Device, then click the Configuration File tab.
  • Click the Download Configuration File button and save it to your desktop.
  • Open the file with Notepad (or Wordpad).
  • Search for the text Userpassword
  • Copy and paste the password into the website.
  • Click the <Decode> button.
  • Your password will be displayed in plain text.


MineCraft Python Raspberry Pi

MineCraft Pi Edition – Robots game

I’ve just whipped up a 3D Robots game that runs inside MineCraft on the Raspberry Pi.

To install

Bring up a VXTerminal window and run the following command

git clone
To run

Start a MineCraft game on your Raspberry Pi and then in VXTerminal run the following commands

cd minecraft-robots
How to play
Two robots about to collide
                  Two robots about to collide

Run away from the robots.  If they touch you – you lose.  Try and get them to crash into each other by moving strategically.  Kill all 10 robots to win!

Have fun !