How to withdraw from Coinbase

A crypto currency investment can make you a lot of money very quickly, but it isn’t much good if you cannot convert into hard cash.

I have recently seen a post on Martin Lewis’s Facebook page and there were comments about people not knowing how to withdraw their investment.  So, here is an easy, step by step guide for Coinbase.


Log into the Coinbase website (not the mobile app).
Step 1 – Convert your Crypto currency into GBP
The first thing you need to do is to convert whatever crypto currency that you want to withdraw into GBP.
  1. Click Portfolio, select the currency.  On this screen you are looking at the contents of your “wallet” you can only add/remove funds in that currency.  eg. sending money from your BTC Wallet on Coinbase to your BTC Wallet on Binance
  2. Click Overview. Now you can see Buy/Sell options.  This allows you to swap one currency for another.
  3. Choose the Sell option for your currency, depositing to your GBP wallet.
Step 2 – Withdraw your GBP
  1. Click Portfolio
  2. Select the GBP asset
  3. Choose withdraw
  4. Withdraw all
  5. Continue…

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